Diabetes And Dental Health The Connection

Diabetes And Dental Health The Connection

The relationship between your teeth and anything sugary is often a sacred one. Chocolates, ice creams, waffles, pancakes and so much more.

Sweets Effect on Dental

However due to a few conditions, that yummy relationship between you and sweets comes to a halt. Among those few conditions, Diabetes is one of the most common and dangerous one.


You all must have heart about this condition sometime or the other. Either someone in your family has it or maybe a friend. But do you know why or how does someone get diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition where your body is unable to produce adequate amounts of insulin or the cells in your body doesn’t respond to insulin. This results in the increase in blood glucose level which results in diabetes.

Your lifestyle is one of the biggest reasons for diabetes and bad dental health.

Can Diabetes lead to Dental Problems?

If you have a prolonged stint of diabetes, your high blood glucose levels can cause oral problems such as gum diseases as well.

Gum diseases which is also called Periodontitis occurs when the bacteria present inside your mouth begins to form into sticky plaque which settles on the surface of your tooth.

There are three stages of Periodontitis which is classified on the basis of its severity:

Gingivitis: This is the first or the initial stage of periodontitis. This usually happen if you have a taste for junk food and bad eating habits apart from very poor oral hygiene. Due to this, the plaque which is present in the teeth is not removed causing swollen and red gums. Your gums might also bleed while brushing.

Gum Diseases

Periodontitis(Mild): If you have gingivitis and if not treated on time, it might lead to periodontitis which is a later and comparatively more painful. The gums and bones supporting your teeth can be affected to some extent in this stage.

Periodontitis(Severe): This is the most advanced stage of this disease. In this stage, there is significant loss of tissue and gum surrounding the teeth.

Now what is the connection between this condition and diabetes, is what you might be thinking?

If you have a history of high blood glucose levels, it can lead to these conditions developing and also worsening more quickly. When your body fights an infection, the blood sugar levels in your body increases. If the condition is not treated in time, you might have problems with food intake which will in turn affect your management of diabetes.

Oral Thrush:

Another oral infection which has an adverse effect with diabetes is Oral thrush. This condition is a fungal infection affecting the mouth. People with poor blood sugar control have a higher tendency to develop thrush.

Oral thrush

It is highly essential to make sure you take care of your mouth and maintain proper oral hygiene and along with it have a control on your blood sugar. Both of these conditions are extremely harmful to the body and if combined can have a great negative impact on your body. However if you do have diabetes and you see redness of gums or bleeding, visit us at GA Dental or book an appointment with us. Our expert dentists can help you curtail your oral infection and help you control your blood sugar levels as well.

About Dr. Gowtham Kattamuri: 

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