Asymmetric Face Treatment

There are many people with an asymmetric face. It’s commonly present but not known. There are some people who are very conscious and they notice it.

What is an asymmetric face?

Asymmetric Face Treatment in Hyderabad

It means all the features and structures in the head are not aligned equally. Both sides don’t look equal. It can affect the entire face or else single part only. Eg: right eye may be at a higher level than the left eye. Eyebrows may not be at equal levels.
It is normal, as no face is perfect. Until and unless you have discomfort with the appearance or conducting the functions of the body, there is no harm to have the asymmetric face.

What are the causes?

The asymmetry is of two types – developmental or pathological
1) It is genetic
2) Sometimes there is no reason
3) It is associated with syndromes
4) Sometimes the muscles on both the sides may be uneven
5) Pathological include many disease conditions:
The decrease in a small period of time
They can arise from
a) tumors
b) tooth infections
c) accidents

What are the symptoms you might face?

  • In case of mild asymmetry – they are not even noticeable. If the patient is very self-conscious, he/she can undergo treatment.
  • Depending upon the part affected – it might affect in minor decline in movements
  • In the case of syndromes, the severity varies as per the syndrome.
  • The temporary swellings give rise to pain, pus discharge, sometimes fever. They need immediate attention.

How to diagnose?

Your dentist will examine the head and the intraoral structures to assess the cause of asymmetry. If infections or sudden swellings give rise to asymmetry then the source of infection is tried to be ruled out. skull X rays will be taken. A detailed discussion above the effect of it on normal lifestyle and the pros and cons of treatment would be discussed.

What is the care to be taken?

In case you want to opt for surgical treatments, the entire medical history must be disclosed. The surgeon must cross-check with the medical history so that treatment goes without complication.

What are the treatment options?

If there is swelling due to sudden infections or trauma. They are immediately treated with painkillers, antibiotics. The source of infection is removed. If the swelling is due to tumors. The nature of the tumor is studied followed by resection of the tumor. The asymmetric head present from childhood doesn’t cause any symptoms. For minor forms of asymmetry, after discussing with your dentist – dermal filler treatments can be taken. The next option is surgery. The surgery depends on the aspects on which you have a problem with. The surgeon will explain all the aspects of surgery. The most commonly performed procedures are:

1. Cheek augmentation
2. Rhinoplasty
3. Chin implants
4. Jawline angle reduction and narrowing
5. Orbital rim reshaping and augmentation
6. Brow reshaping
7. Otoplasty
8. Facelifts
9. Lip Lift

There are other procedures also. A surgeon can best explain the needed treatment. Any presence of detection of asymmetry of the face should be clarified at the earliest from your nearest dentist.