Braces and Orthodontics Treatment


Not every one of us blessed with a perfect smile. Some people grieve over misaligned, crooked, improper and protruding teeth. This not only affects personal and professional life but also has a negative impact on oral health.

Well for resolving this issue, BRACES are the perfect solution…

Fortunately, there are many orthodontic teeth straightening solutions available that will leave you with beautifully straight teeth and confidence to smile more. Have you noticed how many adults are wearing dental braces of late?

This is because braces are no longer synonymous with being a teenager, but are a fast-growing trend among adults. Despite the belief misconceptions of some that braces only work only on a growing jaw, this is not so. They can be used on a person of any age, even elderly people, with just as much success.

Who Need Braces?

Most people think braces are just for teenagers but actually, they can help to align the teeth properly for adults as well. This main reasons for wearing braces include…

Crooked teeth: Your timely observation is the key to detect them. Adverse habits in children even after 4years of age should be observed by you and the dentist should be consulted. A dentist will check and take the concerned X Rays and quote the exact cause.

Improper bite: Missing or broken teeth, trauma to the face or facet joint or stress from clenching or grinding of the teeth can result in an improper bite.

Protruding teeth: Children usually have an upper front tooth protruded as a result of genetics. They become worse if a child has a habit of sucking on their thumb or their pacifier for many years, if they have developed poor chewing habits or if they have the nervous habit of tongue thrusting against their teeth.

Problems with tooth eruption: Early or delayed eruption of teeth can lead to misalignment.

Missing teeth: A significant space in the arch results in a disturbance in the appearance of the face and smile.

When is a good time to start braces?

In the majority of people who have crooked teeth but the normal growth of their jaw, treatment can commence when most of the permanent teeth are out. This usually occurs around the age of 11 to 13 years.

More adults here are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their appearance, as well as oral health and function, but some of them don’t prefer due to pain or because they think they are too old for it.