Dental Tourism in India for Affordable Dental Treatments

Most of the countries (USA, UK, Australia, and Canada) have excellent health insurance schemes. However, some of these health insurances do not cover major dental procedures like implants and surgeries. This is the reason why dental tourism has become more popular.

Imagine This – If you can travel across overseas for dental treatment and throw in a vacation for free…! Doesn’t this sound exciting..!

Yes, this is possible. Most of the dental procedures take only 1 – 2 hours a day. And the remaining time you can travel along the city and have fun.

Among several countries, India has become one of the important destinations for dental treatments. With internationally accredited dental facilities, advanced equipment, qualified support staff, and internationally trained dental experts, India is rapidly emerging as a top destination for several dental procedures.

Apart from that, affordability (both dental procedures and tourist places) is the main reason why India has a special place in dental tourism. In almost all the cases, patients can save up to 70% of expenditure by choosing dental tourism in India.

Now, let’s find out – what makes India an ideal country for dental tourism…?

Needless to say, there are several reasons to choose India among other options. Below, we have mentioned several reasons that contribute to making India the most preferred destination for high-quality dental treatment.

Benefits of Dental Tourism India

1. Cost Saving

This is the biggest benefit of choosing dental tourism. When compared to developed nations like USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, prices of dental procedures are much lesser. People don’t have to wait for long hours and blow a hole in the pockets for getting their dental implants done.

2. Lifetime Warranty

One of the greatest features any dental clinic in India will provide is a lifetime warranty. If the patient faces any problem then the dentist will provide further treatment for free. And moreover, necessary repairs will be done with utmost care. This feature also helps the patient in getting multiple post-surgery check-ups.

3. Internationally Trained Dental Experts

Most of the dental clinics employ dentists who have training at an international level and have multiple years of experience. These expert dentists will keep an eye on developments happening in the science field through global journals. These dentists are regular attendees of seminars and conferences. They will never compromise with treatment quality and execution. They are vowed to take utmost care of the patients

4. Aesthetic Dentistry

Most of the dental clinics present in India have incorporated modern dentistry techniques and procedures for providing high-quality treatment to patients. Several other facilities are also available with them which enable the dentists to provide completely painless surgery. And apart from that, aesthetic dentistry has also made its way into India – this service is helpful for young people who want to enhance their facial appearance. Tooth replacement, crowning, orthodontics, and several other dental procedures have become very easy because of the advanced technologies.

5. ISO Certified Dentists

Another important feature – our Indian dentistry should take pride in is that almost every Health Ministry of Indian states is quite stringent in their regulations. As per their rules, every dentist should be ISO certified. All the dental clinics take utmost care of this aspect while employing and hiring dentists. An ISO certified dentist provides high quality and excellent treatment

6. Ease of Access

Most of the dental clinics in major metropolitan cities of India are easily accessible by air transport from all the countries. Within the city, public transportation is also plentiful and reasonably priced. You can reach the destination either through bus, rail, or taxi.

7. Plenty to See and Do

Usually, dental treatment takes 1 – 2 hours of time in a day. So in the remaining time, you can visit nearby places. Cities like Hyderabad have plenty of tourist attractions. Accommodation is also available as per the budget ranging from budget hotels, luxury hotels, hostels, private apartment, and serviced apartments.

How Does Dental Tourism Work?

If you want to visit India as a health tourist then a dental clinic will be very helpful in planning the trip. We, at GA Dentals, will manage to craft a comprehensive travel plan that includes accommodation and transportation.

Below is the process where we follow for planning a proper dental tour for you.

  1. Once we get the request, we analyze the requirement and provide a detailed information on the treatment, cost, procedure, time period and several others that are necessary.
  2. After that, we provide our referral case studies of treatment similar to your dental problem. The case studies presented to you – are performed by our expert team of dentists. This case studies will also help you analyze an insight of budget, expense, time duration, stay in India and other information.
  3. Now, our customer engagement team will get in touch with your – with details of visa confirmation, itinerary and other information for your convenience.
  4. Once you reach our destination, your pick up be waiting for at the airport terminal. Likewise, they will drop you back at the airport for your departure, once the treatment/dental tourism is completed.
  5. During your stay, we will provide 2 BHK apartment with all the amenities required for your comfortable stay. Our tour plan also includes a leisure city tour which includes local sightseeing based upon your budget.

Risk Factors Involved in Travel Dentistry

Though dental tourism has many benefits, some of the risk factors are also associated with it. Some of them are mentioned below…

    • Once the treatment is completed, you will travel back to your home. So obviously, your tooth will be in recovering stage while you are traveling. And you will have limited access to normal comforts so there is a chance of complications. This can compromise recovery as well.
    • Traveling is usually associated with higher infection and inflammation rates. For some complications like infection may occur which require the secondary dental procedure. Though there may be dentists in your home who can perform the procedure, they may not be aware of initial dentists’ procedure and technology used.
    • After the treatment is completed, dentists will provide an instruction list which includes certain guidelines to follow to reduce the infection. Mostly, you can reduce normal activities after the treatment. However, some of them may be recommended not to walk excessively, drive, swim, or drink alcohol. In some cases, patients are not recommended to travel. Recovery time after treatment is difficult to predict so sometimes you may have to extend your vacation.

Some Tips for Patients Travelling Abroad for Dental Treatments

If you want to travel abroad for receiving dental treatment then make sure to consider certain tips. We have mentioned them for your convenience.

    • Before finalizing the dental provider or package, ask them where they can verify the credentials provided by them. Make sure to check out the specific details like training and accreditation of the dentist.
    • Plan ahead – on how you will be dealing with complications which may arise after your return home? If you require any additional procedure after a few months then who will perform them? Make sure to visit a dentist in your area to learn procedures options. It is better to form a relationship with the dentist so that he/she can address any issues that may occur after the treatment.
    • Before returning to your home, make sure to collect all the dental records. Know the procedure performed and devices/technology used. For example – in case if you are visiting for dental veneers then make a note of the material used by the dentist.
    • After the treatment, ask about the tips and precautions to take care for avoiding any infection.
    • While providing the treatment, make sure the dentist take enough precaution control measures like gloves, autoclave sterilizer, dry heat oven for sterilization, use of new needles, and type of sanitization used for water.
    • If you are planning to get dental treatment abroad then make sure to get dental checkup/necessary restorative work done (tend to decayed teeth, broken fillings, and other dental problems) before boarding the flight to avoid any dental emergency.

Checklist for Patients Who Are Travelling Abroad for Dental Procedures

Sometimes we forget to pack important things while traveling to another place. And sometime, you may forget to ask certain important questions. That is why we have created a checklist for you…

    • E-Mail important documents like X-ray, smile photograph, previous prescriptions, and others.
    • Make sure you have booked an appointment for treatment days.
    • Check out whether you will be receiving a person (English Speaking) for pickup and drop out.
    • Ask for images of accommodation so that you can be sure that the room meets your needs.
    • Clearance from your physician for dental treatment.
    • Pack – Visa Copy, Passport Copy, and ID Copy.
    • Cash, ATM cards, and traveler’s checks
    • Medical supplies – if you are allergic or if you have any prescribed meds for the dental problem you are facing.
    • Vanity and Bathroom amenities.
    • Mobile and battery.
    • Paper or documents related to any other health issues you are facing.

We hope this helps you pack everything required and get a hassle-free experience abroad.

Safety Tips to Follow in a Foreign Country

Exploring a new place either for treatment or vacation is not an easy thing. For safety, you should take some measures. We have mentioned them below for your convenience…

    • As you will be undergoing treatment, it is recommended to take a relative or friend with you. They will be helpful in terms of support during recovery. And moreover, you will have someone to enjoy with.
    • Make sure to make a note of your accommodation, places you visit and the address of your dental clinic. Though you may not understand the local language, the local people can point the address by seeing it. It is even better to share the address with your relatives or friends staying in your hometown for safety purposes.
    • Make sure to email all the documents, prescriptions, passport, visa, addresses, ID card copy, and other necessary stuff. Even if your things get stolen, you will have a copy of them.
    • Avoid looking like a tourist. It is better to avoid wearing any fancy, expensive and heavy jewelry.
    • Avoid walking alone. Stroll only in public places. If you think you are being followed then take security help, run to any public place or contact any local police station.
    • Make a note of emergency numbers. You can get the information at any nearest U.S Embassy or Consulate. Usually, consular duty personnel is available 24/7 for emergency assistance.
    • It is better to have travel insurance.

What Questions to Consider While Looking for a Clinic?

Always remember that – when it comes to health – there is no such thing as an unnecessary question. Ask as many questions or doubts before selecting the dental clinic. Never let any dentist or hospital representative pressurize in taking the decision. Don’t commit for the treatment until you are 100% satisfied with the facilities they are providing. There are several expert dental professionals out there – so never settle for less quality less. If the dentist is not providing proper information then move on to another potential dentist without wasting any time.

If you are wondering which questions to ask… then we have assembled some of the important ones for your convenience…

    • Who is responsible for my treatment?
    • What are the qualifications of the dentist?
    • How much experience does the dentist have in doing that procedure?
    • Is the clinic insured?
    • What is the success rate of dental tourism organized by the dentist?
    • What are the failures that particular dentist experienced? And why did that procedure fail?
    • Do you provide any guarantee of the work?
    • Can you provide any testimonials or references of the previous work performed by the dentist?
    • Do you collect feedback forms from the client? Can I have a look at the reviews provided by the dentist?
    • How many years has it been since your dental clinic is established?
    • How many procedures did your dentist completed?
    • Which brand implants or technologies will you be using?
    • How much does the dental procedure cost?
    • What are the payment methods you accept?
    • Can I pay after reaching the dental clinic?
    • Can your staff speak English or my language?
    • How many trips to the country does my procedure need?
    • How days should I have to stay in the country for the procedure?
    • What if I have a problem later on? Who will be paying the additional work?
    • Whom can I contact after the treatment for advice and other information?
    • Does your dental tourism plan include accommodation and vacation trips?
    • Where can I eat?
    • What are the tourist attractions available nearby the clinic or city?
    • What are the health standards present in your country?
    • Is your clinic regulated by a professional organization?
    • Are you registered with any professional organization?
    • How much time does it take for recovery after the treatment?
    • Do you provide the necessary instructions and information for recovery and precautions I should take care while traveling back to my clinic?
    • How long does the procedure take?
    • What is the best procedure for me?
    • What is the best time to undergo the treatment?

Each of questions is equally important. This checklist also helps you eliminate any potential fraudsters or fewer quality options. Stay well informed for safe and successful dental tourism.

Why Is It Best to Choose Hyderabad in India?

Hyderabad is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India and center for excellence in dentistry. If you are looking for world-class dentistry outside your country then Hyderabad is the right choice. As numerous hospitals are present across the city you don’t have to face problems like waiting lists. And most of the dental hospitals have cutting-edge technology, highly skilled dentists, 24/7 nursing staff and other luxurious facilities. Apart from that, Hyderabad is also rich in cultural heritage.

There are several places you can visit during your stay in the city. From teeming bazaars, modern shopping malls to historical monuments, you have a wide variety of places to visit from as per your budget. Some of the places include Golconda, chudi bazar, Charminar, Salarjung Museum, Falaknuma Palace, Hussain Sagar, and several others.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Tourism

1. How Much Does Dental Tourism Cost?  

Usually, most of the westerners travel to India as they do not afford cosmetic dentistry in their own country and to cut down the expenditure. The cost of the dental procedures cost only a fraction of money that you would pay in your country. You can also confirm the prices and package cost before confirming it.

2. Why is the cost of dental procedures so cheap when compared to the rest of the world? Do they comprise in terms of quality?

No, dental clinics in India don’t compromise on quality to provide the service at lower cost. Not just dental procedures, medical treatment is much lesser because of two main reasons.

Low cost of the endowment – when compared to other countries, India has lower investment costs, more subsidies by the government, and very good qualified doctors, surgeons, and nursing staff.

The exchange rate regime, which is much favorable to India. 1 US dollar is almost Rs. 64.

3. Where should I stay when I undergo dental implant in India?

Most of the dental clinics stay in touch with several hotels and guest rooms. While opting for the dental tourism package, ask them whether the package includes the accommodation or not. It is better to choose a package that is inclusive of accommodation.

4. Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

You should ask this question yourself. In the cosmetic dentistry world, there is no limit for age or gender. If you are looking for improvements or changes in your smile then you are an appropriate candidate for cosmetic dentistry.

5. Can I improve my smile like the celebrity I like?

The main aim of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the person looks. As everyone is unique, it is neither realistic nor possible to aim for such changes. When you are opting for cosmetic surgery, you should have realistic expectations from the procedures.

6. How to make sure the dental work in India will be of good quality?

Before traveling to any country for the dental service, check out their client profile, feedback, reviews and case studies of previously successful and failed procedures. Ask them which technology and brands they use for your procedure to ensure you get a good quality service.

About GA Dental Clinics

GA Dentals is a widely recognized and one of the leading Dental Clinic in hyderabad, India. This is one of the most preferred dental service providers by many people across India and the World as well. They have unmatched treatment outcomes, highly skilled professionals, cutting-edge technology and international standards of care.

The staff and professionals at our clinic can speak English and some other languages as well. If you are looking out for Dental Tourism Service in India, especially Hyderabad then do check out with our dental assistants. We will provide as much information as possible for you so that you can have a safe and high-quality service.