Oral Hygiene facts and tips

Oral Hygiene Facts and Tips

“Make sure you chew your food 32 times before swallowing.”

“Brush two times a day.”

“No more chocolates.”

You all have grown up listening to your parents say this everyday during our adolescence, right?

You might have gotten irritated that time or angry at them but now is the time, where you see and realise that they were right. Old habits do die hard.

Oral Hygiene

Your teeth are an asset. The importance of oral hygiene is almost lost to most of you now. You ignore it to such an extent hiding behind your excuses of hectic lifestyles and less time that you do not realize that this is ultimately a part of your own body and you will pay the price of ignorance with pain.

Here are some dental hygiene tips and dental hygiene facts which will help in your day to day lives:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle eventually results in a healthy body. Inculcating a healthy diet to follow with less sugar helps in keeping the teeth healthy and prevents cavities as well.
  • The importance of oral hygiene is another dental hygiene fact which needs to be understood and followed. Remains of the food in the inner corners of the jaw takes time to remove. Brushing two times a day and for two to three minutes is necessary.
  • Another dental hygiene fact is which is necessary to keep in mind is the right kind of brush to use. Brushes with softer bristles help in cleaning the teeth as well as does not hurt gums.
  • A very important dental hygiene tip which needs to be followed religiously is to know the importance of flossing. Brushes often do not always do the trick with cleaning the teeth. There are tiny food particles stuck and might remain there and rot. In this case, flossing comes to the rescue and cleans the teeth from every nook and corner.
  • The most important dental hygiene tip is to visit the dentist regularly, at least once a week to ensure that there are is no onset of cavities or any signs of tooth decay as it cannot be seen in the naked eye.

Dental Hygiene Facts

Dental hygiene facts are many in number but some of the most basic and also which are most ignored for that matter are the ones mentioned above. No one wants to smile without having any kind of teeth due to sheer ignorance. It is always better to prevent because a cure is not always possible.

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