Best Tooth Decay Treatments

While teeth are the most beautiful part of a smile, our ignorance towards them may reverse the bliss we could really have. Toothless smiles might look adorable in babies and the elderly, for anybody young, it can be the worst nightmare anyone of us can ever have. If we don’t care well for our teeth … Read more

Types of Dentures

Types of Dentures and Its Treatments

Teeth do not possess the regenerative ability like other tissues in the body. Therefore, once enamel or dentin is lost as a result of caries, trauma, or wear and tear, restorative materials must be used to reestablish their form and function. Full or partial loss of the tooth, if left untreated, doesn’t just affect a … Read more

Teeth In 72 Hours- Strategic Basal Implants

Teeth In 72 Hours- Strategic Basal Implants

Toothless smiles are cute, aren’t they? But imagine that you’re in your prime years and your Facebook display picture has you grinning, but with a missing tooth. Doesn’t seem THAT cute now, does it? Now, for children and older adults, losing teeth is a natural process. But, when a tooth is lost due to external … Read more