What Happens In Bruxism? Here’s All You Should Know

Did anybody tell you that you grind your teeth?

Or have you ever noticed that you clench your teeth throughout the day or in the night?

This is something that you do unknowingly, it is absolutely normal when you grind teeth occasionally but if the teeth grinding is very frequent this can affect your dental health.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is said as Bruxism in medical terms.

Pondering what exactly bruxism means?

Here’s what you should know about that.

What is Bruxism?

It is an oral parafunctional habit of excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching. It is not related to functions like eating or talking that we normally perform.

This happens involuntarily when you are awake or while sleeping. Infrequent bruxism may not be injurious but when it happens regularly it is harmful.

How Do You Know You Are Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding normally occurs during sleep, which most people are unaware of. However, a mild, constant headache or sore jaw could be a symptom for bruxism. Most of the time people get to know that they teeth grind at night from the people who know them well.

If you think you are grinding your teeth, talk to a dentist. They will examine your mouth and jaw for signs of bruxism.

Is Bruxism Harmful?

Yes. Chronic teeth grinding can lead to consequences such as loosening, fracture or loss of teeth. This can also affect your jaws, cause TMJ/TMD( temporomandibular disorder) and results in hearing loss. Sometimes it can deform the appearance of your face.

Do You Suffer From Bruxism?

 Causes Of Bruxism

It is vital to know the symptoms to find out if you have bruxism.

While your teeth grind at night the noise could grow louder that can awaken your sleep partner. Your teeth muscles could feel a stiffness. The condition of your teeth can flatten, fractured which could wear off your tooth enamel by exposing the deep layers of your teeth. It can also cause a headache, ear pain, and facial pain. Prolonged bruxism can lead to a number of irreversible problems, so it is better to get rid of it before it worsens.

What Are The Causes Of Bruxism?

The causes of bruxism are unknown, but the factors that lead to it are anxiety, stress, fatigue, lifestyle choices such as consumption of alcohol, smoking, intake of caffeine, and sleeping disorders, snoring. Importantly, use of certain medications like amphetamines can cause episodes of bruxism. Sleep apnea alleviates sleep bruxism.

What Should You Do Next?

You should visit a dentist if you find that you sleep grind.

How Can This Be Treated?

You can find mouthguards from your local pharmacies. But this cannot be as good as the one your dentist makes.

A mouth splint can also be used which is made from harder plastic and fits precisely over your upper or lower teeth. These mouth splints last for years, whereas mouth guards usually last for less than 6 months.

Mouth Splint

Oral devices such as SomnoBrux splint or SomnoDent can be worn during sleep to prevent tooth damage caused by grinding and to alleviate jaw and muscle pain. SomnoDent or SomnoBrux will create a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage. These devices do not hinder your talk, yawn and or drinking water.

Surgeries are never a good option for Bruxism.

Prolonged bruxism can lead to a number of irreversible problems, so it is better to get rid of it before it worsens. But that requires a professional dentist. If you are looking for one, the dentists at GA Dental are the here for you.

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